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at the texas post. president obama told stories about each one of the victims in the rampage honoring their memor]4 the suspect, major nidal hasan remains hospitalized tonight, accused of firing off more than 100 rounds before civilian police officer shot him and stopped him. a maryland soldier was among the fort hood victims. lieutenant colonel juanita warman of havre de grace was a military physicians assistant. more on the tribute coming up at 5:30. >>> a high school student at mervo high was stabbed in the school's cafeteria. it happened around 1:30 today. the victim was treated by the school nurse and sent to the hospital. the stabbing was not serious. we're told that six people are in custody but they may not all be mervo students. and investigators are trying to figure out how they even got into the school. >>> police are looking into the deadly stabbing of a boy in east baltimore. we don't have a lot of information. it happened around 5:30 this morning in the 2400 block of llewellyn avenue. the name hasn't been released. we don't know his age. no arrests have been made. this d
. but needless to say, he will rather quickly. i should mention that president obama has been informed of what was going on at ft. hood. he was about to make some remarks in a few moments. i'm not sure, honestly in what venue he was to speak, but he apparently is going to have something to say about this in just a few moments, and, obviously, express condolences that everyone feels for those families. as general kohn mentioned, one of those killed is a civilian police officer. we don't know if t >>> developing story tonight regarding the death of baltimore city business man robert clay. he died in 2006 and police ruled it a suicide. his family maintained there was no way he could have killed himself. they have sent in a request to change the status of the case to murder cased on an investigation prepared by a former general ofball city. >>> doctors released a baltimore city police officer from the hospital who suffered stab wounds before shooting a man outside a strip club last night. the attacker stabbed him twice before he then opened fire. as abc 2 jeff reports it happened this morning in e
barack obama is getting ready to spell it out for all of us tomorrow night. the president is making phone calls to key allies around the world to talk about his plans. he'll have to win over democrats in congress who want to set conditions on a u.s. troop build-up. >>> the washington, d.c. metro has rehired more than 30 employees who were fired for using cell phones while driving people with disabilities. last july the d.c. metro said any worker using a cell phone while operating a metro vehicle would be fired immediately. workers used to get three strikes before being fired. they're back as part of a compromise and union negotiations. metro access workers use phones to stay in touch with the dispatch center but can't use the phones while driving. >>> ugly day out there. lots of rainfall. the majority of the rain is starting to push towards the north and east. maryland's most powerful radar has been tracking it throughout the day. all in advance of a cool front passing through the area later on this evening. the good news is that it could all have been snow, but it was warm enough to be a
't they allow this information to go to the antiterrorism authorities? >> president barack obama ordered a review of all intelligence related to hasan and whether it was properly shared and acted upon. he remains in a hospital in san antonio. if convicted he could be eligible for the death penalty. >>> one person is dead. another in critical condition after an early morning crash in howard county. it happened around 6:30 on route 32. police say a honda was southbound near farm lane when the driver crossed the yellow line hitting an on-coming car. the driver of the car died at the scene temperature other drive was take on the shock trauma. >>> bargaining for your bargains. how you can haggle for the best price when it comes to pricy electronics this holiday season. >>> amazing rescue out of pennsylvania. car dangles on a hill over the top of someone's home. how they got the driver out safely. >>> inmates in carroll county are washing bras. find out why. >>> temperatures from glenwood another gloomy day. 47 degrees. norm is coming up to tell us when it will all be out of here. so what com
this officer took. she's a hero. >> reporter: president obama ordered flags lowered to half- staff and urged americans not to draw conclusions while authorities investigate. >> we don't know all the answers yet, and i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. >> reporter: the president is expected to personally attend the memorial services. army chief of staff general george kasey has urged army commanders across the nation to review their force protection procedures to ensure a rampage like this never happens again. live at fort hood, john hendren, abc news. >> imagine that's correct news out of fort hood and not knowing if your husband on base is dead or alive. a baltimore woman had a sleepless night as communication was shut down following the shooting. abc2 news cheryl connor joins with us more on her frightening experience. >> reporter: marybeth, nicole was up all night waiting to hear from her husband, a staff sergeant stationed at fort hoo.d well over 12 hours passed before she knew he was okay. three days before the shooting his wife asked that we not
that will be attended by president obama. >> this cannot become, you know, a battlefield. >> reporter: the president will address the guests of honor at tomorrow's memorial service. the families of the 13 who were killed in last thursday's massacre. john hendren, abc news, fort hood, texas. >>> the virginia military institute plans to review its training procedures after a cadet from howard county died on saturday. 19-year-old freshman john alexander evans collapsed in his barracks room after finishing a 10-mile march. this is a photograph from mount st. joseph high school in baltimore. evans was the one being held. he died at the hospital. while the cause of death is not yet determined the school plans to review everything to determine whether training procedures should be changed. evans' friend said he gave no indication of trouble during the march. >>> police in anne arundel county need your help tracking down two bank robbers. the crime happened friday around 5:00 at the pnc in crofton. police say two men came in, one went to the counter, the other stayed in the lobby. the man at the count irdem
for their service. in his weekly address, president obama also thanked ordinary americans for their perseverance in tough times. >> it is my hope that next thanksgiving we'll be able to celebrate the fact that many of those that lost their jobs are back at work. and that as a nation we'll come through the difficult storms stronger, wiser and grateful of the reached a brighter day. >> reporter: in georgia one food group gave out 1,000 turkeys to a very grateful crowd. >> i thank god for having these folks come here and do this for everybody. >> reporter: the nation's session has retailers bracing for what could be a bad black friday. several stores opened up their doors on thanksgiving day in anticipation of the biggest shopping day of the year. this season sales may be on the consumer side. retailers are offering bigger discounts than ever. bear in minds, many have slashed their inventories so the deals will go fast. >>> a baltimore thanksgiving tradition played on this morning. it happens today. it happens every year. layola and calvert hall football teams battle it out here on abc 2. close to
turkey set to be pardoned by president barack obama. the bird is from princeton, north carolina and he will be the grand marshal of disneyland's thanksgiving day parade. after his duties courage will live in frontierland at disneyland. he's a pretty one. >>> new york, pennsylvania, maybe even sunny florida. wherever you're headed for your turkey day, the roads are sure to be packed. which will be the busy yes, he was travel -- busiest travel days? we'll tell you coming up. >>> an officer caught in a sting operation charged with stealing from a suspected drug dealer beats the rap when the evidence comes up short. good evening, everybody. i'm terry owens. baltimore city police claim they caught officer michael sylvester red handed with marked bills and a stash of drugs but now as abc2 news jeff hager reports they are left red in the face over how they botched what looked like an open and shut case. >> reporter: in a city riddled with drugs police officers bust people for possession all the time. >> what is this exactly? >> crack cocaine. >> reporter: when the department suspected one o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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